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Common Dreams and Meanings

By journaling about the patterns of dream symbols it can serve as help by translating the dreams that we really feel the need to know about. Today dreamers and dream analysis researchers looking for data for common dreams, still turn to Sigmund Freud's' theories of human dreams more than 100 years later.  more...

Dream Meanings and Pregnancy

Gaining dream control by taking a dream journal as soon as you awaken will give you the best recall. This will help you quickly figure out what your dream means.  more...

Practicing Lucid Dreaming As A Method Of Exercising Control Over The Subconscious

For the Law of Attraction, as presented in the video, "The Secret," to work optimally, one needs to exercise mental control over both the conscious and sub-conscious mind. While many would say they can't be held accountable for what they dream, much evidence would suggest that not only does one...  more...

Dream Meanings: Exact Proven Scientific Translations

Many psychologists and psychiatrists tried to translate the strange language of dreams, but until today, nobody knows for sure who discovered the truth. Some people believe that one of them is right, whereas some follow another one, and some donít give any importance to their dreams. Dream interpretation is not something that we could specifically define and itís not something that people consider important. Most people usually completely despise the dreams they see when they sleep.  more...

Dream Interpretation and Ways to Make the Most Out of your Dreams

We are living in a dream-deficient society. Ours is a society that talks about dreams only when they are interesting, that is when they are nightmares or movie-ish. Otherwise, we have become content with just waking up for the day, easing back into our routine work life, and not interpreting our dreams and what they are trying to tell us, just letting them accumulate-- a treasure box of letters forever unopened.  more...

Are People Scribbling On Your Dreams?

Every idea or dream starts out on the beautiful canvas of our minds, but how it ends up depends very much on who you choose to share your dream with.  more...

Dream Interpretation - Dreams of Being Naked

One of the most common dreams around the world is the one in which the dreamer is naked. Dreams of being naked can have several interpretations, and the nakedness in the dream can manifest itself in a number of different ways.   more...

Purpose of Dreams - What Certain Dreams are Telling You

For years, humanity has been baffled by their dreams. As you read along, you'll discover interesting explanations and instances that might explain the purpose of dreams.  more...

Sweet Dreams

Everyone dreams each night, having about one dream every 90 minutes. Those who tell you they never dream, just donít remember their dreams. Sleep researchers say dreams cannot be recalled unless you wake up immediately after or during the dream. Dreams can reveal secret desires and subconscious feelings. A dreaming mind has access to information not readily available when youíre awake. They can bring about increased knowledge about your self as well as self awareness and healing.  more...

Dream Programming

Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and your overriding connection between your psychic and material realities. They are usually totally misunderstood and the majority of people are unaware of how dreams can be manipulated to control your body and environment.  more...

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