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Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd

Ruled By: Venus
Likes: Luxury, Debates, Honesty, Admiration
Dislikes: Noise, Arguments, Sloppiness, Rudeness
Color: Blue
Planet Stone: Sapphire
Birth Stone: September: Sapphire, October: Opal
Compatible With: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Virgo
Incompatible With: Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer

General Traits

Librans are the great peacemakers of the zodiac. With your tactful and gracious demeanor you can balance just about any situation. You are diplomatic, fair-minded, cooperative, and extremely intelligent. You have a knack for public relations work, where you can use that Libran charm to make everyone feel important and worthy. You make an excellent public speaker as you rarely speak without having given good thought to what you are going to say. This talent also crosses over to other facets of your life. You can be an excellent parent who teaches your children to be gracious and courteous, a loving spouse who always knows just the right thing to say, and an open and helpful friend to someone in need of a good shoulder to cry on. In your attempt to weigh all sides of a situation however, you can be somewhat indecisive at times. This is not to be confused with your ethical, moral, or spiritual values, which you have thought about in depth, and know exactly how you feel on certain topics and what you believe in. You don't like narrow-mindedness or irrational thinking, and your empathic nature allows you to help others figure out their dilemmas by adding a new twist on something they may have not thought about. You are always thinking, and as a result you can provide excellent insight to difficult and seemingly irresolvable issues. You dislike quarrelling in general, but will be the first in, and usually the most vocal when a good debate breaks out.

You intuitively know that thought must be balanced by action, but this is sometimes difficult for you to carry out. You dislike monotonous, or coarse and dirty work, and if you are financially able to, you will likely hire someone to do these jobs for you. Once you are inspired however, you can work enthusiastically and tirelessly towards a goal, especially if it rewards you monetarily. You can make do on a slim budget, but you prefer to be surrounded by the fruits of your labor. This harvest could include expensive collections, hobbies that challenge your constantly questing mind, or lavish parties to satisfy your need for companionship and good times.

As you attempt to balance the scales of your life, you can sometimes be subject to great ups and downs. You vacillate between extremes at times, and you can be moody, annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, restless and confused. You rarely express anger, but when you do you go all out and leave nothing unsaid. You have an excellent memory and sometimes resurrect long forgotten information when you are trying to make your point. After you've thought things over in your great mind for a while however, and have had time to cool down and regain your composure, you right the scales and return once again to your sociable and charming self.


No one knows how to woo better than you, Libra. You have the charm, intelligence, empathic nature, and likely a few bucks in the bank to show that special someone a really good time. You love to give gifts and with your impeccable good taste, you really know how to pick them. You have an intense need for companionship, and what can manifest from a balanced and true relationship. A likely partner for you would be equally intelligent, equally driven, and equally expected to keep up their end of the bargain. You are looking for a soul mate, literally your other half. You are romantic and creative, and you love to show your mate just how special they are to you. When you aren't surprising them with gifts, you may be writing beautiful poetry, or planning the perfect evening. In return, you also love to hear how wonderful and special you are to them. You enjoy mentally stimulating relationships that can challenge you on all levels.


You love experiencing what love has to offer, although you can be a little uncertain about how your sexual identity. What you lack in experience, you more than make up for in enthusiasm. You are a creative and explorative kind, and would love to take every opportunity to find out what makes your lover tick. Sex is often experienced on a mental level first, and then on a physical level. Talking about sex is the first step in engaging in a long night of lovemaking. You love seduction and foreplay and are usually searching out new and different ways to keep your lover interested and begging for more. A lover who is experienced and inventive is a big plus in your books too! You make an eager and attentive student for anyone who may be lucky enough to teach you a thing or two.

Famous People Born Under Libra:

Meat Loaf
Gwyneth Paltrow
Ann Rice
John Mellancamp
Julie Andrews
Brigitte Bardot
Charlie Brown
Turman Capote
T.S. Eliot
Mahatma Gandhi
George Gershwin
Nancy Kerrigan
Heather Locklear
Christopher Reeves
Charlton Heston
Deborah Kerr
John Lennon
Franz Liszt
Mickey Mantle
Marcello Mastroianni
Eugene O'Neill
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ed Sullivan
Oscar Wilde
Chevy Chase
Rita Hayworth
Helen Hayes.


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