Psychic Lynx
Pisces   February 19th - March 20th

Ruled By: Neptune
Likes: Romance, Privacy, Good Food, Beauty
Dislikes: Uncleanliness, Authorities, Ugliness, Rudeness
Color: Seagreen
Planet Stone: Aquamarine
Birth Stone: February: Amethyst, March: Aquamarine
Compatible With: Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
Incompatible With: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

General Traits

Pisces can be as calm as a turquoise lagoon, as strong as the ocean current, as pleasing as the spring rain, or as potentially dangerous as hurricane. Your feelings seem to change a dozen times a day, but for the most part you are a friendly, good-natured, kind and compassionate person, sensitive to those around you. You are usually popular as well, as your easygoing nature rarely threatens or challenge the more exuberant types. You accept the people around you for who they are, and the circumstances that surround them as part of it. Because of your remarkable creativity, you may have a difficult time living in the real world. You exist emotionally rather than rationally, and rely on instinct more than intelligence. You are also apt to live in a world that changes constantly, as you search for a suitable career or relationship that meets your needs. Unfortunately, this can make you rather despondent and discourage you from continuing along a chosen path. Your powers of concentration can be weak, and you may lack the courage to make final decisions on these matters. You would rather wait for problems to sort themselves out than take the initiative to solve them. You have the unique ability for finding the easy way out.

You are sometimes at odds with yourself, desperately wanting to do the right thing but lacking the willpower to do it. You must learn to stand alone with simple faith, and face your fears in order to bring forth that which you can become. You alternate between being strongly optimistic and terribly pessimistic. Pisceans like to live in a dream world where they can forget about themselves. Because of your finely tuned connection with the subtleties of the world, and your sensitive and intuitive nature, you may be gifted with mediumistic abilities. The challenge in your life is to somehow integrate this affinity and still be able to do some constructive work on the physical level. You must learn to keep the balance. You have a unique ability to take on other people's problems, joys, and woes as your own. You tend to give away the strength and emotional security you need for yourself at times, and this sensitivity can make you vulnerable and a good candidate for burn out. Learn to say no when you feel you don't have the energy to help. You can't be helpful to others if you don't have the personal energy to deal with your own issues. Don't set yourself up for your own downfall.

Your vices are frustrating more than vicious. You can be oversensitive, overemotional, unreliable, impractical, and ineffective. You may confuse the mundane and spiritual worlds, taking the ethereal as substance and reality for illusion. In your genuine effort to understand people, you may develop the tendency to gossip or be indiscreet. You may be unsure of yourself and prefer to work alone that in a group.

All in all, you are a great friend, who will go out of your way to make those around you feel comfortable, loved, and appreciated.


In your relationships, you have the ability to go with the flow so to speak. You have an uncanny way of merging with the person who is closest to you. Your emotional and receptive nature allows you to really feel how your partner is feeling. You're often off in a fantasy world, musing over romance, love, life, and everything that goes along with it. You very much need to be needed, by family, spouse, lovers, and friends. You are very loyal and caring to everyone who deeply means anything to you. A relationship should be a partnership as well as a friendship, and your ultimate goal is to find someone who can appreciate your feelings. You tend to merge with your partner in an attempt to become one on all levels. You are a truly attentive mate who will surely make that special someone feel on top of the world.


For you, making love is an expression of beauty. You use your connection to the world of fantasy to eroticize and maximize your love making experience. Sex is a very emotional affair for you, and the more emotion you put into it, the better it is for you and your lover. You love playful interludes, and adore acting out your fantasies. It's hard to believe the shy side of Pisces once you've seen them playing their favorite sensual game. If your lover can indulge you with new ways of lovemaking, you'll keep them up all night long in a fluid dance of emotional and sensual love.

Famous People Born Under Pisces:

Peter Fonda
Jerry Lewis
Kurt Russell
Shaquille O'Neal
George Harrison
Sidney Poitier
Kurt Cobain
Holly Hunter
Bruce Willis
Harry Belafonte
Elizbeth Browning
Luther Burbank
Frederic Chopin
Albert Einstein
Jackie Gleason
Rex Harrison
Victor Hugo
Ron Howard
Desi Arnaz
Kelsey Grammer
Drew Barrymore
Willian Hurt
Spike Lee
Bobby Orr
Auguste Renoir
Dinah Shore
John Steinbeck
Elizabeth Taylor
George Washington
Ted Kennedy


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