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Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st

Ruled By: Pluto, Mars
Likes: Winning, Secrets, Acknowledgement, Activity
Dislikes: Criticism, Scrutiny, Nosiness, Relaxing
Color: Maroon
Planet Stone: Garnet
Birth Stone: October: Opal, November: Topaz
Compatible With: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
Incompatible With: Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo

General Traits

Scorpios are usually very intense, strong-willed, and determined to get what they want. You tend to go to extremes, on one hand being able to rise above it all and achieve great and wonderful things, on the other hand, you can literally scrape the bottom of the barrel of morality so to speak, and give in to the lower energies in your life. Most will fall somewhere in the middle, but the potential for either is always present. In either case, you likely have a secretive and mysterious way about you. You are somewhat introverted, but you generally enjoy company. With your abundant energy, you can usually get much accomplished in a day, however you can procrastinate as well, sometimes to the level of not getting anything done at all! You are strong-willed and tenacious, so with a little push, you can usually get done what you need to. With your excellent powers of will and concentration, and a little self-discipline, you can help you pretty much do anything you want! You have a calm, cool and self-controlled air about you, but with an inner tension somewhat like a volcano just under the surface of a calm sea. You can be withdrawn when in a crowd, but you are always watching people and how they interact, all the while making secret mental notes to yourself. You are resourceful and enjoy researching and investigating topics that interest you, perhaps archaeology, anthropology, and psychology. You are for the most part self-reliant, but you enjoy good company and interesting conversations. You have a secretive side that no one really knows about except you. You are very guarded with respect to your personal privacy, and you are not fond of opening up to people that you aren't very close to.

Scorpions have a very nasty sting if they decide to get you, and you Scorpio, are no different. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be stung by you will remember the wound for a long time. You can be very blunt and downright cruel to people you do not like, and totally arrogant, aggressive and even sadistic if you choose to be. Brooding resentment often drives your actions when you behave this way. You have a tendency to discard friends when they are no longer useful to you. You certainly have a dangerous way about you, and perhaps part of your thrives on knowing this. It may be a defense mechanism so that people can't get too close to you. Your protective shell can be impenetrable, so any of your secrets stay with you and you alone. On the other hand, you are highly protective of those you love, and will fight courageously in their honor.


In a relationship, you like to be in charge, and in control. You have a magnetic quality about you that almost dares others to see what you're all about. You need someone fearless who can stand up to you and match your wits. Although you like a good challenge, there will only be harmony in the relationship if you are the winner. You can certainly express love and devotion, but only on your terms. You have many motivations in a relationship, and most of them are selfish. You only want what is best for you, and you have no reservations about getting it. Your partner will benefit as well, since you wanted the best after all! You are eager to find a strong, understanding, and perceptive partner who will embrace your many facets. Love for you may be challenging, but you really do have a heart of gold under all that armor.


Scorpios are very sexual beings. Your libido is almost hyper-natural and can only be matched by someone with an equally demanding sexuality. You put everything into your sexual escapades, leaving no pillow or blanket unturned! Union with a lover is a sacrament to you, and it fulfills you on all levels. You love giving sensual pleasure to your lover, and expect the same quality in return. You are demanding, but in a good way! If you can make love all night long, with a few surprises thrown in, you are the perfect lover for our prowling Scorpio.

Famous People Born Under Scorpio:

John Cleese
John Candy
Michael Landon
Dennis Miller
Jody Foster
Meg Ryan
Lyle Lovett
Jamie Lee Curtis
Marie Antoinette
Richard Burton
Johhny Carson
Prince Charles
Charles de Gaulle
Indira Gandhi
Billy Graham
Sally Field
Winona Ryder
Julia Roberts
Kevin Kline
Katharine Hepburn
Whoopi Goldberg
Grace Kelly
Robert Kennedy
Vivien Leigh
Pablo Picasso
Theodore Roosevelt
Demi Moore.


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