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Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd

Ruled By: The Sun
Likes: Authority, power, adoration, flattery, generosity
Dislikes: Criticism, neglect, pity, infidelity, frugality
Color: Gold
Planet Stone: Rock Crystal
Birth Stone: July: Ruby, August: Peridot
Compatible With: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Cancer
Incompatible With: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus

General Traits

Leos tend to be the most dominant and outgoing of the zodiac signs. Positive, self-assured, and ambitious, you strive for success in all areas of your life. You love to be the center of attention, and may often follow a path in life that allows you to be adored and praised, and that fits well with your regal personality. In any career you choose, you will strive to become the boss or at least the head of the department, and you demand that people work hard for you. You have a demonstrative nature and may seem fearless to those who may not always agree with your inventive methods. You are a born leader with much personal magnetism and are quite comfortable being in a position of command, although you may intimidate others with the way you approach your ambitious schemes. On the whole you use your powers for good and beneficial ideals, you are creative, intelligent and driven, and you like to help others attain their goals. You like to treat your friends with much love and shower them with gifts at any time, however you expect the same treatment in return. You can conceive things on a grand scale and like to carry them out as such.

On a negative note, your faults can be as many as your virtues. You can be arrogant, haughty and boastful with an extreme temper, and can sometimes say hurtful things if you are put in a position of inferiority. If jealousy enters into a situation, you will not hesitate to use cunning, lies, and trickery to discredit the other party. You can sometimes be very self-centered and boastful, with a snobbish superiority that can manifest as an overbearing and intolerant disdain for the underling, whom you will nevertheless use to carry out some of the minor details of your master plan. You have a passion for luxury and can sometimes live beyond your means.

Fortunately, it is rare that a Leo is so undisciplined and out of control as to let the more negative aspects of their nature come to the forefront of their lives.


In a relationship, you can be sincere, trusting, and open. You love to be loved, in love, and are very loving in your partnerships as long as they last, unfortunately you tend to always be striving for one better. In this respect you probably won't have a marriage that will last unless you can find someone who will accept your needs. You are inclined to deceive your partner if you are not happy or bored. You are unfortunately, not a very good judge of character, and can get involved in affairs that can be frustrating or potentially dangerous. You tend to be the dominant one in a relationship and demand that your lovers pay complete attention to you, and make you feel like you are the only person for them. You love to be told how wonderful you are. You have a very strong sex drive which can lead to many love affairs, going from partner to partner, or possibly having many partners at once. A relationship with you however, will rarely seem dull, as you tend you make every aspect of a relationship exciting with that special leonine touch. If you happen to find the partner of your dreams, you will enjoy a long life filled with excitement, blissful ecstacy, and a fulfilling love in which you can both be happy.


You are strongly attracted to the opposite sex, and the opposite sex is strongly attracted to you. You have an aura of sexuality about you, and you emit a power that draws people to you. You are exceedingly passionate and sexually demanding at times, knowing exactly what you want, where you want it, and what you are going to do about it. You are a confident and self-assured lover with energy to spare. You want action and are willing to be the one to instigate a night's activities, but you also love to have the attention lavished on you, and find if even more exciting if the other person make the first move. With all your sexual energy, you may have the tendency to become promiscuous. Enjoy yourself, and let others enjoy you, and you will find the balance that is needed in a Leo lifetime.

Famous People Born Under Leo:

Martha Stewart
Christian Slater
Patrick Swayze
Whitney Houston
Sandra Bullock
Mick Jagger
Lisa Kudrow
Estelle Getty
Gracie Allen
Lucille Ball
Ethel Barrymore
Fidel Castro
Julia Child
Eddie Fisher
Hulk Hogan
Robert Mitchum
Carol O'Conner
Dustin Hoffman
Angela Bassett
Antonio Banderes
Loni Anderson
Andy Warhol
Alfred Hitchcock
Carl Jung
Jacqueline Kennedy
Princess Margaret Rose
Walter Scott
George Bernard Shaw
Mae West
Steve Martin.


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