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Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st

Ruled By: Jupiter
Likes: Action, Sociability, Freedom, Direction
Dislikes: Disapproval, Promises, Doubt, Rest
Color: Purple
Planet Stone: Topaz
Birth Stone: November: Topaz, December: Turquoise
Compatible With: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio
Incompatible With: Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo

General Traits

Sagittarians always seem to be moving forward. You are enterprising, energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy living life to the fullest. In your naturally outgoing manner, you move freely and happily through life, exploring its possibilities and indulging in its variety. You have strong idealistic tendencies, and you can sometimes act without first thinking of all the prospects or outcomes. Life for you is something to be explored and figured out on every level. You are a serious thinker who is interested in abstract ideas and concepts, and your beliefs will sometimes reflect this.

There may be a tendency for fanaticism if you over-emphasize ethical, moral, political, or religious issues and follow what they represent instead of what they symbolize. You are a natural teacher and philosopher with a talent for understanding and explaining the workings of the universe and everything associated with it. You have a knack for mixing religion and science into an acceptable and workable blueprint of faith. You have keen foresight and good judgment and you put it to good use when starting new projects. You understand new concepts quickly and your original way of figuring out problems makes you able to adapt to new ways of doing things.

You are willing to work hard and tirelessly for something that you believe in, using your enthusiasm and excess physical energy to get the task done. You like to take risks, and tend to be athletic and driven to outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, or mountain climbing. This goes well with the need to express your freedom, and the outdoors and open air seem to do you good on this level. You are a non-conformist at heart, and you love your own personal way of doing things. It works for you, and that's all that really matters. You've crafted a fine blend of physical movement and creative self-expression in your life, and you seem to move onward and upward towards your goals. Because you have a need for constant challenges you may have many ventures going on at once. You are organized and energetic and you seem to have no trouble giving all of your interests their due time. On the rare occasion when you have too much to do, you fail to plan adequately, and you can get impatient and anxious when you don't have the time or energy to finish something you started. When you are tired or stressed, you can sometimes lack tact or diplomacy in a situation. Your normal good-humored self could be transformed into the hotheaded argumentative Sagittarian, who says exactly what's on their mind, whether good, bad, believable or not. In your not-so-subtle approach to life, you actually enjoy physical danger, and you generally fear any responsibility that curtails your freedom. Your love of travel may take you to many places in your lifetime of exploration. You want to see it all, do it all, and experience everything that goes along with this adventure called life.


In your relationships, you tend to be extroverted, playful, and the perfect companion for anyone who has a sense of adventure and activity. You enjoy exploring the intricacies of life, and this extends to your friendships as well. You are highly social and love to go out to parties, dance, flirt, drink, and extend your radiant personality into all corners of a room. In matters of love you are quite direct, focusing in on the object of your desire, and pursuing them with all your charming candor. Your straight and forward approach has all the sweet dangers of Cupid's arrow, and you usually hit your target. Love and honesty are very important to you, and you not only make an excellent lover but also an excellent friend. With your active lifestyle, one may think that you have no time for the finer details of a relationship, but this too important to you, and you can be found cuddling, stroking, and snuggling for hours at a time.


You thoroughly enjoy sex, and copious amounts of it if you have anything to say about it! You love exploring the ins and outs of sexuality, and over the years you may have an accumulated quite the repertoire of tactics, treats, and methods to keep your lover happy. You approach sex with reckless abandon, and are usually quite physical about it. Your animalistic self tends to make an appearance when you get aroused, making the whole experience into a rather wild time. You are spontaneous, and with your love of adventure, your lover better be ready for anything. Sex aside, you also enjoy that emotional connection, and you need common intellectual interests to keep you involved. A perfect partner for you would have great intelligence, a joy of life, and a libido and adventurous nature to match your own. When you are not in the throes of ecstasy you can be found cuddling or snuggling next to your favorite friend.

Famous People Born Under Sagittarius:

Bette Midler
Woody Allen
Richard Pryor
Ozzy Osborne
Patty Duke
Keifer Sutherland
Red Fox
Andrew Carnegie
Edith Cavell
Winston Churchill
Sammy Davis
Joe DiMaggio
Walt Disney
Betty Grable
Mark Twain
Kirk Douglas
Donnie Osmond
Brad Pitt
Stephen Spielberg
Amy Grant
Howie Mandel
Tina Turner
Anna Nicole Smith
Lucky Luciano
John Lindsay
Mary Martin
David Merrick
Frank Sinatra
Pope John XXIII.


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