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A Foundation For Astrology

Astrology studies the celestial bodies affects on humanity. In particular human fate, destiny, and personality were described by the celestial influences of the stars and planets. The roots of Astrology can be traced back to the first or second century BC. Many ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Chinese practiced forms of Astrology.  more...

Birth Signs

A birth sign is the position where the sun is place d at the time of a person's birth. This is specifically called the sun sign, the birth sign or the astrological sign. The sun generally moves through 12 divisions overall. Each division has a specific name coined for it along with the phase of interval.  more...

Astrology and Birthstones

Gems have been used from times immemorial for luck and as good omens.Kings and queens are reported to be craving for the possession and pursuit of beautiful gems and stones. Our fore-fathers have used them to ward off evil spirits, to bring luck and favor as well as to prolong their longevity. Some astrologers prescribe wearing of appropriate gemstones or birthstones as they are commonly called as remedial measures for mitigating the malefic effects of some planets.  more...

Horoscopes: Myth or Magic?

Do you read your horoscope in the daily newspaper? Maybe you call the horoscope hotline on occasion to find out what a reader has to say about your future. You might even dabble in the occult yourself from time to time. Why do people care about this mysterious reading of their zodiac sign and the telling of their futures? Is there any real truth in the predictions?  more...

Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means?

The horoscope is a part of our lives, it's everywhere, in the papers, on TV and every day we hear something about it. People usually read the horoscope for fun but it actually is an important tool that you can use to discover something about the people you meet.  more...

Astrology Psychics

Astrology psychic readings can be a fun time for you to discover something unique about yourself. An astrology psychic can create for you an astrology chart that will give you a map of your life. An astrology psychic reader will be able to give you proper insight into your love, career or business future.  more...

Psychic Astrology Reading

Men and women often turn to psychic astrology for answers. You can learn a lot from an online astrology reader that works on the internet in a live psychic chat room. An experienced psychic astrologer can easily read your astrology chart and tell you what sort of love or romantic energy is going to be coming your way anytime soon.  more...

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