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Give Yourself a Competitive Edge With Feng Shui Career Tips

by Amit Bhalla

Our career is the central point of our lives and although money cannot buy everything, however a successful career can definitely open up the path to achieving the big and small pleasures of life. All of us try to get that extra edge over competition in every area of our life, be it through enhancing our career skills, polishing our knowledge or through other means such as luck enhancing tactics. The ancient practice of Feng Shui is one such tool available to individuals through which they can enhance different aspects of their lives. This Chinese practice balances the various elements like wind, water, air and fire to achieve peace and harmony in the crucial areas of our life like career, health, wealth and ofcourse personal relationships. Among the most popular methods is the Feng Shui career luck enhancing tips.

You may face a certain phase in your life where nothing seems to work out for you in the career front, or perhaps you are not being able to achieve the level of success that you deserve. At times some negative energy blocks our career luck, preventing us from successfully moving ahead in life. At times we do many things and act in ways which work against the Feng Shui career tips, thereby negating all our positive efforts. The implementation of the right and effective Feng Shui career guidance is therefore crucial to open up and activate the career luck of an individual. An individual's career is ruled by particular direction according to his kua number and enhancing that corner will work wonders for his career.

Some Feng Shui career tips are general in nature and are beneficial for one and all. The water element is a strong force in activating career luck. The goldfish or terrapin turtle are popular choices for activating career luck. However, the direction in which you are placing the water body containing the fish or the turtle will play a crucial role in determining the positive effect on career luck. The Chinese coins are believed to be an auspicious tool in attracting wealth and luck. Place three coins tied together with a red ribbon in your wallet and you will see your wealth luck changing. The coins are also an auspicious symbol to be hung at the doorknob, facing the room. As the wealth and career factor are somewhat related, enhancing one also works in a complementary manner for the other.

Feng Shui career tips are very potent tools that can make a great change in your professional life. However, it is always advisable to implement any Feng Shui tips only after a consultation with an authentic professional. The elements need to be properly balanced in our living space to provide the best results. Wrongly implemented tips could very well play havoc and cause more harm than good. So implement Feng Shui career tips with care and see your life change for the better with the passage of time. Also let other tips and guidance enhance each aspect of your life successfully.

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May 27, 2024
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