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Information on Bad Dreams

Author: Corwin Brown

Almost everyone has experienced one or more dreams that contain anxiety or outright fear. For some, unpleasant dreams or nightmares recur repeatedly; for others, the content may change while the theme remains the same, such as scenes of falling, or of being pursued or attacked, late or unprepared for a presentation or an exam, stuck in slow motion, unable to move or scream, or naked in public, to name a few common themes. This type of experience, when unpleasant, is usually associated with lack of progress by the dreamer to recognize and solve related conflicts in life.

The unnatural sea creature off the coast of Maputo in Mozambique; the blood sucking vampire in Valdivia, Chile; or the disease ridden hag in Bratislava, with her words of poison. Vampire, werewolf, spirit; creatures of the night; the paranormal; abominations or just plain misunderstood.

The Dread Count Nightmare came to this realm many centuries ago, and as time progressed, he always sought a way to keep in touch with his mynions. As technical advanced continued, the Count realized there were other options which would allow him a chance to access his mynions, however, not solidify himself in their presence. This medium was called tele-communication, a link required to gain access to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

"Bad Dreams" is the eleventh episode of the second season of the HBO original series, The Wire. The episode was written by George Pelecanos from a story by David Simon & George Pelecanos and was directed by Ernest Dickerson. It originally aired on August 17, 2003. The episode was submitted to the American Film Institute for consideration in their TV programs of the year award and the show subsequently won the award.

Nightmares are more often like a vaccine than a poison. A vaccination infects us with a minute dose of a disease that mobilizes our antibodies and makes us more resistant to the virulence of smallpox or polio. As distressing as nightmares can be, they offer powerful information about issues that are distressing your child. When children share their nightmares and receive reassurance from their parents, they feel the emotional sting of the dream, but also begin the process of strengthening their psychological defenses and facing their fears with more resilience.

For some, unpleasant dreams recur identically; for others, the content changes yet the theme repeats, such as scenes of falling, being pursued or attacked, late or unprepared for an exam or presentation, unable to move or scream, or having teeth fall out. This type of anxiety dream usually recur and are mainly associated with the dreamer's failure to recognize and solve related life conflicts.

Stress is a normal part of life. In small quantities, stress is good -- it can motivate you and help you be more productive. However, too much stress, or a strong response to stress, can actually harm your mind and your bod over time. This can set you up for general poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like infection, heart disease, or depression. Persistent and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety and unhealthy behaviors like overeating and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Bad Dream Sprinkles is a 100% natural remedy formulated especially for toddlers and children by a Clinical Psychologist. The remedy contains a combination of gentle yet effective herbal ingredients traditionally used to provide night time comfort and promote healthy sleep pattterns. Bad Dream Sprinkles may be used in the middle of the night, as well as preventatively.

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