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I Love My Dreams!

Author: Bob Alexander

I love my dreams because more often than not,they're restful and relaxing. Usually they're replays of daydreaming visions I've had during the day. Most of my dreams are about fishing, the sand and the surf and drinks with little umbrellas in them. That could be because I spend a lot of time during the day either fishing or thinking about the one that got away!

From what I've read, it seems the more complicated your life is, the more chaotic your dreams at night will be. My one steadfast rule of life is never doing any unnecessary thinking! Adhering to this imperative has permitted me to rarely ever have any confusing dreams. It's saved me a lot of money because I haven't had to visit a psychiatrist to help me figure out what my dreams might mean!

Last night my dream started with a soothing scene of the surf gently rolling onto a sugar white beach. There's still a hint of foggy mist near the water as the sun begins to push the morning clouds aside, making the day warmer by the minute.

A pelican stands at water's edge waiting for anything edible that might wash up on shore. It slowly moves toward me, its eyes focused on my bait bucket full of shrimp.
No doubt it's seen other fishermen snatching a shrimp out of a bait bucket, to know that there's an easy dinner if he can get rid of me long enough to score a shrimp.

While sipping my last cup of coffee, my rod that was stuck in the sand suddenly goes into spasms, as something out there in the surf jerks on my line and turns the sleepy morning into a burst of activity. Grabbing the rod and setting the drag on the reel, I pull back on something that felt like I'd hooked onto a refrigerator.

After wrestling with the fish which turned out to be a nice flounder, I tossed him in the cooler, stuck another shrimp on my hook, and then threw my new bait out into the surf. By now the pelican was gone, disturbed by the frenetic activity that had suddenly erupted near him.

Dream professionals agree to some point that dreams are snippets, or memories of your daily experiences. I've read that somewhere I think, but it could be an original thought of mine, which I hope it's not. If it is, then I'm guilty of unnecessary thinking and that could lead to all sorts of mental and physical activity which might interfere with my fishing time.

Through the years I've learned to interpret my own dreams. It's not really difficult if you don't do any deep thinking during the daylight hours. I find it more satisfying to daydream about things that I like to do, hoping that my night time dreaming will be along the same lines. It seems to work! It's a better plan than thinking about things like work and paying the electric bill. Those things will give you nightmares!

Our dreams are merely our brain replaying our daytime activities, but not always in the same time frame as when we experienced them. All of our actions are stored in our brain and get replayed at night through dreams. It may take years for some of those experiences to rise to the surface; splashed across the big screen of our mind while we're sleeping!

Some say that our brain is simply continuing the action that our awake brain exercises every day. That's why I try to keep my mental activity to a minimum. This does seem like a lot of excessive thinking. I'm sure I'll be punished for this indiscretion.

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Bob Alexander is well experienced in outdoor cooking, fishing and leisure living. Bob is also the author and owner of this article. Visit his sites at:

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June 19, 2024
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