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A Healing Place
I offer energetic healing, distant healing, intuitive healing work and chaldean astrology chart readings for increased awareness and growth. Other spiritual and metaphysical information is available.

AusAngels Essences
We are the Canadian Distributor for the Australian Bush Flower, Findhorn, Korte Phi, South African and Aum Himalaya Sanjeevini Essences. Products include individual and combination essences, books, stock kits, flower insight cards and glass nail files.
Online courses featuring a wide variety of holistic health topics! Articles, Meditation Rooms and more. Schools and Instructors: Add your course or workshop to our Online Campus System. Visit today!

Healing From Within
Counseling for Personal Growth, Intuitive Tarot readings and Reiki training provide a holistic approach to healing and positive change. Online & Phone sessions available. Susan Goldman Eller, M.A. RMT

Creative Health Institute - Teaching the Ann Wigmore Diet
We teach wellness through alternative diet and exercise. Based on the discoveries of Dr. Ann Wigmore which emphasized wheat grass and living foods. Serving the Midwest since 1976.

Hypnotherapy Works!
Certifed Clinical Hypnotherapist & Clinical Social Worker Sonya Rehrer, MSW can help you achieve your goals by unblocking your unconscious reservations at the TN. Intitute of Healing Arts, Chattanooga, TN. Stop smoking now. I have helped over a hundred stay stopped; lose weight, heal relationships.

Healing Reactions
You Don't have to die of any disease! Curandero (psychic herbalist) gives you those herbs you need. Check our Grazoph products which foment a natural enzyme bath that washes out braindusts like Alzheimer's-causing aluminums. – Detox, Cleanse and Fast with Daniel Reid
Home of the Webcleanse guided detox & cleanse program with bestselling author & detox guru Daniel Reid. Renew your lease on life - detox now with expert guidance + support of others around the world!

Raw Art by Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore is a Self Taught Artist who has no formal training or education in art. His Original, Expressive work has been referred to as Outsider Art, Art Brut, Raw Art and Visionary Art.

Royal Jelly Store
Royal jelly and bee pollen supplements, includes natural skin care from Burt's Bees and Kiss My Face, beehive products include propolis

Paintings that Heal™.
Paintings that Heal™are scientifically and alternatively documented. Being in the presence of This evidence based artwork actually changes the physical, mental and emotional energy fields of the viewer's physical and energetic body

Portland holistic counselor
Roger Fritz, MS. I'm 58, and I've been a counselor for 30 years with individuals and couples. My experience is that a good life is within everybody's reach. And a good relationship. I'm located at the corner of Stark and Grand in SE Portland.

Natural Healing Herbs
Health educational website includes iridology, live blood microscopy, face tongue nail analysis. Also education in the use of nutrition, herbs, supplements, detoxing and exercise, to fight disease.

Serenity Expressions
Serenity Expressions specializes in energy healing. Eileen transforms people's lives as a healer and spiritual coach moving one from a 5-sensory paradigm of limitation and fear to a 6-sensory paradigm of creative possibilities and self-empowerment. She has intuitive gifts and engaging Spirit.

School of Life Studies
Holistic Online Training School for professional therapists in Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy, Reiki healing, aromatherapy and angel healing. Train to become a professional tarot reader and palm reader, Indian head massage and Hopi ear candling courses. Accredited by iphm diploma/cert courses.

Frequency Awareness
Ascension assistance services, products and training through the internet for clients all over the world. DNA activation, Auric Clearing, Karma Removal, Seal Removal, Alchemical trainings to bring forth the internal master!

The Creating-Harmony Centre is a friendly, caring centre which offers a wide range of natural, alternative, holistic/complementary therapies and courses.

Alternative Realms
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